Barewa Rugby held their end of season gathering at Kano Motor Club on 28 December.

Committee member Chris Melvin was once again on hand to present the 2014 season Trophies.

Barewa Chairman Martin gave a summary of the season which was overall highly positive. He stated that:

1. The number of talented juniors graduating to the senior team in 2014 was heartening.

2. The quality of the current juniors (age 10 - 16 years) is impressive.

3. The iTry youth rugby programme now running in Kano would be extended to eight Kano schools over 2015, and in the future produce large numbers of quality rugby players.

On the minus side Barewa  narrowly failed to retain the National sevens title, and the Northern 15s title winner is still unknown due to National organisation being in a state of disarray,

Finally Nuhu Ibrahim was presented with his Nigeria shirt. Nuhu played for his country numerous times with distinction, including Rabat 2013 when Nigeria qualified for the Commonwealth Games.


Player of the Year -   Hassan Mohammed

Player of the Year - Hassan Mohammed

Most Improved Player of the Year - Jude Abrakson

Most Improved Player of the Year - Jude Abrakson